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Safety consideration

Safe handling and processing and supply to the customer take priority and we work to the regulations laid down by the European authorities known as ADR regulations for the safe transportation of dangerous goods. Bulk Road Tankers and Polybag supply are subject to ADR regulations. Graded coal deliveries must be made in ADR tankers and/or transport with drivers suitably trained and Polybags can only be supplied using approved ADR Polybags. Supply in 25 Kg bags currently not subject to ADR.

Blended products known by our trade name Pulverbond are not classed as requiring ADR regulations if the Bentonite percentage is 50% and above.

Coal is classed as S2 Solid, Organic, Self Heating product subject to Class 4.2.

Further classifications are as follows

Self Heating Solid, Organic N.O.S. (Not otherwise Specified)
UN Number 3088 Class 4.2

2 Packing Groups are quoted namely 2 & 3.

Issued by Economic Commission for Europe - Inland Transport Committee Ref ECE/TRANS/140 (Vol 1 & 2)

ISBN 92-1-139069-9 (Vol 1 & 2) ISBN 92-1-139070-2 (Vol 1)

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