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Machined graphite components

Machined graphite components have been produced by the Durrans Group’s 4.5 acre Scunthorpe factory for over 30 years. This purpose built facility is home to a wide range of specialist manufacturing equipment and tooling which, combined with decades of manufacturing expertise, provide customers with quality machined products matching their exacting demands.

From design, prototyping to manufacture, our 150 years of knowledge working with graphite enables our engineers to find innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements. Produced from our large selection of in-house stock materials, rapidly responding to meet the most urgent enquiries, these can then be shipped directly from the UK to destinations across the world.

The Durrans Group has the knowledge, facilities and capability to provide global customers with solutions to their machined graphite needs.

Furnace parts

Machined graphite furnace parts for all types of heat treatment furnaces, for example:

  • Heating Elements
  • Connectors
  • Power Lead In
  • Hearth Furniture

We also offer:

  • Plates
  • Boats
  • Individual support fixtures
  • Trays

Grades of graphite selected to suit application. We can also achieve fast turn-around for furnace in breakdown situations.

Rotors & Lances

As a manufacturer of graphite components we make rotors and lances, not trade them. Utilising our knowledge of both graphite and aluminium we ensure that our customers receive the best possible rotor system for their particular metal treatment operation.

Made from our speciality anti-oxidation treated materials to the highest standards our rotors & lances are consistent, long lasting and cost effective regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

Available both from stock or manufactured “in house” reducing lead time.


  • Reduced costs
  • Increased life
  • Bespoke designs to suit customers requirements
  • Unrivalled expertise in graphite for foundry applications

Cathodic anodes

Carbon International graphite anodes are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are excellent for use as an inert anode. They can be used in dry or wet ground environments and offer superior protection in seawater and high chlorine conditions. They are suitable for conventional and deep ground bed applications.


  • Machined to customer requirements
  • Machined for end connection
  • Anodes are resistant to chemicals
  • Do not form high resistance corrosion layer

The anodes can be linseed oil impregnated, which ...

  • protects against water penetration
  • reduces electrochemical reactions
  • improves stability and wear.

Runout plates

Machined run-out plates and guides for the aluminium extrusion industry. Flat, bevelled or round in cross-section machined to suit any extrusion equipment.

Carefully selected grades of graphite to suit application. We can also achieve fast turn-around for breakdown situations.

For individual requirements please contact us.


  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock.
  • Low coefficient to thermal expansion
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Non wetting

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