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Recarburisers serve the purpose to adjust the required carbon content in liquid iron. We offer a selection of different raw materials for various specific needs.

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Refractory coatings

A mixture of very fine refractory minerals and special additives in suspension with a liquid carrier to generate castings without or just with little rework.

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Carbon based blackings effectively protect the refractory from attack by the molten metal. Blackings build a stable and abrasion resistant protective layer.

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Graded coal

Coal dust is used as a moulding sand additive to foundry greensand plants in the manufacture of iron castings. This product can be supplied in various gradings.

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Friction products

A full range of carbon based materials for the friction industry. Supplying to original equipment, original equipment spares and aftermarket.

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Backed up by our in-house laboratory, research and development facilities, we offer the forging industry all forms of lubricants.

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Other products

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Cathonite®  Marconite® 

Natural and ultra-fine graphites  Machined graphite components

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