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Information on how to use pellets

Pellets are made of selected graphite or CPC (calcined petroleum coke) particles <1mm. These particles are mixed with a special binder system. After mixing the pellets are produced by extruding and drying. Characteristic of the pellets is their individual shape with a diameter of 6mm and a length ranging from a few millimeters up to 10mm. The ideal solubility of carbon pellets can be adjusted, through a specific selection of the raw materials, the particle size, the binder system and the pressing parameters. As carbon pellets – compared to conventional recarburisers – feature a lower surface-area to volume ratio, special attention is required when adding these to the melting furnace in the way as already explained:

  1. Degree of contamination of materials used
  2. Composition
  3. Type of furnace
  4. Bath agitation
  5. Furnace output
  6. Method and sequence of feeding
  7. Other accompanying elements
  8. Sulphur
  9. Carbon target value

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