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Quality control of coating production

All refractory coatings produced at our different production sites must pass quality control tests with the same high standards as we use them for the inward inspection of our raw materials. To guarantee that a packaged coating ready for supply fulfils a customer’s requirements, all relevant properties for the application are tested directly after production. Some parameters are measured after at least 24 hours to assess the performance during transport and storage.

All parameters of ready-mixed coating batches are tested both for the undiluted material (as supplied) as well as a dilution that is close to the application at the customer. We test:

  • Temperature, as all relevant parameters change with temperature
  • Percentage of solid remains after complete drying 
  • Density (mass per defined volume)
  • Viscosity, usually tested by means of the efflux time from a DIN cup (4 or 6 mm)
  • Baumé, a viscosity-affected measure of the density
  • Settling tested by means of volume per time
  • Flow behaviour and wet film build-up on different substrates

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