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Know-How since 1863

杜伦斯集团自1863年成立以来,始终是一家不断向世界制造业提供碳素材料的家族企业。从耐火涂料、研磨煤粉、无烟煤、冶金焦和石油焦,摩擦材料和润滑材料产品,直到天然石墨和特殊合成的人造石墨产品, 杜伦斯集团仍然是碳素技术的最前沿。



The Durrans group

The Durrans Group is one of the world‘s leading producers of carbonaceous materials. Today the group has annual sales of nearly £ 63 million, employs some 200 people and has nine manufacturing sites worldwide.

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Bespoke advice

Our products

The product range comprises of recarburisers and refractory coatings, metallurgical and petroleum cokes, coal and anthracite blends, bentonite and blends, synthetic and natural graphites, forging lubricants and machined graphite components.

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Highest quality


2021: Durrans-Coatings in Thailand – Production will start soon: In 2019 the James Durrans Group announced with peasure the signing of a licensing agreement with Pine-Pacific Corporation Ltd. in Thailand...

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