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Forms of supply

Ready mixed supply

The ready mixed supply guarantees that the swelling properties of a coating are fully established and that only a supply of carrier liquid is needed to achieve the coating’s application state. Although “paying” for the carrier liquid, ready-mixed coatings are relatively high in solids content (usually between 50 – 80%) and guarantee for both stability and ease of use, increasing a foundry’s process stability where possible and minimizing the most severe errors from inappropriate pre-mixing at source. Different packaging sizes from 25 l plastic drums to 1,000 l stainless steel containers (both reusable and one-way) allow an easy integration to your process chain. Most of the refractory coatings the James Durrans Group sells today are supplied ready mixed.

In general, ready mixed coatings should be stored in the original packaging and be mixed up with a clean mixer before each use. The type of the mixer, mixing times and intervals can also be advised in collaboration with our customer service.

Powder supply

Usually blackings are supplied in powder form to allow an extremely extended shelf life compared to the normal shelf life of water-based coatings that contain high amounts of carbon, but also carbon-free coatings are available in powder form. The special powder blends contain all necessary refractories, suspending and binding agents and need just a supply of fresh drinking water to achieve optimal performance. However it is important to follow exactly the recommended mixing procedure.

Powder coatings are prepared on site using a two-phase mixing process. In the first phase the powder is to be thickened up to a stiff paste with only small addition of water. In the second phase this paste is then slowly diluted according to the parameters worked out in in collaboration with our customer service,

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